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It has long been our passion to bring the highest quality products that exceed all of the exacting Australian

standards and requirements, to ensure they are the best products of their kind.

In today's fast paced electronic world of  Internet shopping, many people are understandably confused and frustrated trying to make a purchase. At To Health By Choice we remember terms like “Customer Service” and “Quality Products” and over the past 12 Years we have built our solid professional reputation based on delivering exactly that.

As the owners of the HEALTHSTART LIFE PRODUCTS brand,

we strive to offer the best possible service and support

for each of our products regardless of whether you purchased

directly from us or from one of our distributors across Australia.

We believe it makes sense to purchase from a company that designs , manufactures, imports, distributes, retails and services the product. We have also built our reputation for over 12 years around the best warranties in the business and we provide total peace of mind with our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee(Excludes All Sauna Products). If you don't love it within 30 days, we will buy it back.

We deliver our products all around Australia on a daily basis and we would appreciate the opportunity to deliver one of our products directly to you.

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Ultra Portable Sauna

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Magnetic Bracelets Magnetic Bracelets

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Far Infrared Heaters

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Therapeutic Magnetic
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Therapeutic Magnetic Heat Pad
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Coloured Water Drink Bottles Baoci Ceramic Knife Set

Coloured Water Bottles

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Ceramic Knife Set BPA Free Water Bottles

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Sushezi Sushi Maker

Sushezi Sushi Maker

New's Flash! Late last year To Health By Choice Pty Ltd made the decision to cease supply of their products to what we call Traditional Shopfront Retail Outlets. What does this mean for You? Well we are now able to pass on huge savings and discounts direct to you, the customer, instead of the middle man.

Rest assured, our products are still manufactured at a high level of quality with the added bonus of affordability direct to you and with the same great service and warranty as before.